BSD Magazine : October issue out ! (2765 Views since 2013/10/18)

The October issue of BSD Magazine is out !

You can download it here.

I'll copy shamelessly the subjects list that you can find in this issue :) :

  • FreeBSD Moves to Subversion
  • Gentle Introduction to Programming in Clojure
  • The Revamped Life-Preserver – How New ZFS Utilities are Changing FreeBSD & PC-BSD
  • Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD for C++11 Developer (Eclipse Indigo + CDT + GCC 4.8)
  • FreeBSD Programming Primer – Part 9
  • Improved Updates and LTS for OpenBSD
  • Column: The Computer Says “No”
  • Interview with Klaus P. Ohrhallinger

For what it worth, I'm the author of " Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD" ! If you want to talk about my article, you can comment on the blog or ask my mail by commenting.

Happy reading !

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